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Goals and objectives

Main goal of the project

To jointly develop the scientific, human and logistic resources,  aiming at  monitoring, restoring and improving the Prut River aquatic resources during difficult climatic conditions and/or threatening anthropogenic actions

Specific objectives

A: To ensure the efficiency and the effectiveness of the use of human, material and financial resources dedicated to cross-border cooperation within JOP

B: To create the best conditions for realizing the contract procedures for EC external actions,  in the respect of a sound financial management and of the best Performance /Price ratio (best value for money tender) for the purchased works, services, equipment and supplies

C: To increase the cross-border institutional capacity (human resources, logistics and scientific means) to cope with the challenges occurred in critical situations: pollution, flood, drought etc.

D: To assess the actual environmental conditions to be improved for restoring the ecological status of Prut River and to propose new tools, means and measures for sustainable use of its aquatic resources;

E:  To increase the public awareness about the necessity of joint actions for cross-border protection of the biodiversity and natural resources of Prut River;